S.T.A.I.R exercises are designed to give students a chance to practice the sound patterns of North American English – Stress, Timing, Articulation, Intonation and Rhythm.

S.T.A.I.R topics use the individual sounds of the lessons to practice the patterns present in an English accent. We have chosen 15 key topics that can assist students in developing a more English sounding accent. Exercises for practicing the topic can be found within the lessons themselves.

Students do not have to read or understand the manual to be able to do the S.T.A.I.R exercises as the screen displays tips and instructions for students. The manual is directed toward English instructors and a through knowledge of English is required to use it.

The S.T.A.I.R. manual is located within the Pronunciation Power 2 program. To see it, do the following:

  1. Launch the Pronunciation Power 2 program
  2. On the bottom of the main screen, click the button called “Instructions”
  3. On the instructions menu screen, click the menu item called “S.T.A.I.R – Stress, Timing, Articulation, Intonation and Rhythm”
  4. On the right side of the screen, click the button called “S.T.A.I.R Manual”

The S.T.A.I.R. manual is also available online for download. There are two .pdf files. One has two screens per page (saves on paper and ink when printed), the other is one screen per page (larger and easier to read).

The .pdf files are located at:

Stair Manual 2 Up

Stair Manual Full Pages

Zipped versions are at:

Stair Manual 2 Up Zip

Stair Manual Full Pages Zip