Pronunciation Power CD-ROMs can be copied to and ran from your hard drive if you have enough hard disk space to do so.

Windows users can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder in your “Program Files” folder on your “C:\” drive (or other drive where there is enough room) and name the new folder “Pronunciation Power”.
  2. Created another new folder inside the new “Pronunciation Power” folder and name it “8 in 1 English Dictionary”, “Pronunciation Power 1″ or “Pronunciation Power 2″ depending which product you are going to copy.
  3. Insert the CD-ROM into your computer. If it automatically starts the program, wait for the program to launch and then quit the program.
  4. At the desktop go to “My Computer” (choose “My Computer” from the “Start” menu).
  5. Right-click on the CD-ROM icon of the Pronunciation Power product and choose “Explore”. A window showing the contents of the CD-ROM will appear.
  6. Select all the files from the CD-ROM by hitting “Ctrl-a” on your keyboard (this is the same as choosing “Select All” from the Edit menu).
  7. Drag the selected files from the CD-ROM into the new folder you created in step 2. Copying will start.
  8. After all the files have copied, open the folder with the copied files and double-click the program icon (the one with the .exe extension).


- You may want to make a shortcut of the .exe and place it on your desktop for easy access.

- Downloadable versions of the Pronunciation Power products can be downloaded and installed using their built-in installer. If you prefer to do this instead of copying the CD-ROM to your hard disk, contact ECLI support and we will give you the download locations.

Macintosh users can follow these steps:

  1. Insert the CD-ROM into your computer.
  2. Copy the Pronunciation Power program from the CD-ROM into the Applications folder on your Macintosh HD.