If you are attempting to log into the “New eEnglish Pronunciation Power Online” and you cannot log in:

You may be blocked due to the amount of simultaneous logins for your subscription has been exceeded. Ensure you have logged out on other computers.

If you are attempting to log into the “Legacy Pronunciation Power Online” and your user name is not working:

Your user name needs the word “user” placed in front of the numbers, (example: user1234). We also strongly suggest that you copy and paste the password directly from your email. It is too easy to mistake an L for a 1 or a O for a 0.

If you are using http://online.englishlearning.com and you cannot log in:

It is possible you did not log out properly when using a different computer. To completely end your session on a different computer, you must quit the web browser. If you have not completely quit the browser on a previous computer, you will not be able to log in on another one.