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In our intensive English program, we have absolutely no aspiration to recreate native like accents in our international students. What we know is important however, is an explicit and structured curriculum wide component to help students develop strong and effective pronunciation in English so that our students achieve truly effectual communication in peer groups with native speaker classmates or with English speaking academic faculty. Our program is most successful when we include these two latter groups in addition to international students as obvious beneficiaries of a job we do well. As such, we look to native English speaking students and faculty for guidance in shaping outcomes, objectives and expectations for English learners.

Having worked for almost 20 years with close to 7500 students of widely disparate proficiencies from 45 or so countries, I can understand almost anything anybody is saying. For me to say what is intelligible to an 18 year old monolingual American student who has never traveled out of the US is arrogant. Without sophisticated and effective software programs like PRONUNCIATION POWER to address pronunciation matters specific to certain groups (think about Vietnamese students attempting the bilabial plosives /p, b/), our efforts would not be as successful as they are in terms of target audience understanding of our students’ utterances.

I believe PRONUNCIATION POWER in particular allows us to equip our students with much needed skills and abilities to build better understanding and therefore deeper relationships with their fellow students and their teachers all in an effort to achieve their academic goals and future success.

Kai Hibbeln
Program Director, IESL
Green River Community College

The English Department at the Universität Oldenburg (Germany) has been using the Pronunciation Power and 8 in 1 Dictionary programs for two semesters. In addition to having installed it in our computer lab, many students have decided to purchase individual subscriptions as well, allowing them to use the program at home and at school.

As a teacher I particularly appreciate the chance to show students exactly how a particular sound is articulated. The fact that the students can record their speech and compare it to native speaker speech has also proved extremely valuable. Students have been able to improve their pronunciation much quicker than with our traditional language lab program.

As a result, these programs have become an integral part of our pronunciation courses; in fact, we have revamped our pronunciation classes in order to integrate the software. I highly recommend this software for students who need to improve their pronunciation as well as for teachers who would like to be able to demonstrate the articulation of particular phonemes in class.

Deidre Graydon
Universität Oldenburg

Thank you for Pronunciation Power! Our ESL students really enjoy using the software. In fact, we are going to have to purchase more as a result of their incredible popularity. The few language lab stations onto which the programs are currently installed are always occupied, and this is, no doubt, thanks to the program’s entertaining design, the ease of use, and, most importantly, its effectiveness.

Georges Detiveaux
Language Lab Coordinator / Lead French Faculty
Cy-Fair College, LRNC-212A
9191 Barker Cypress Road
Cypress, TX 77433

We have found that the Pronunciation Power programs are really useful for the students.

We have several students from the Middle East who speak Arabic and they have spent hours on the program. It has facilitated their learning of English. Our students are being more successful in learning English by using Pronunciation Power. The programs have proved to be invaluable and are very serviceable to our English language students. They are excellent programs!

Rose Herrera, ESL instructor and program coordinator
NAF Multicultural Human Development Corporation
Omaha, Nebraska

I received an excellent level of customer service that from your employees. It was nothing else but amazing.

I work for DELL Computers and we bought 10 packs of Pronunciation Power 2 software for our lab usage and it was giving me problems with activation. So I contacted English Learning support and dealt with the staff who were nothing other than wonderfully patient, courteous and efficient with me. I very rarely say this about large companies but I am very impressed. Great customer service – your staff are a credit to your organization!

Thanks again and well done English Computerized Learning.

Amoldeep Singh Sasan
CTS Training Lab Incharge & Training Co-ordinator
DELL International Services (Chandigarh)

Pronunciation Power is the only pronunciation software in our Macintosh based language labs at this time. The interface is intuitive enough to follow without reference to any manual or other instructions; a prerequisite for programs in our labs. Simple access to playing native models, recording student production, and comparing the two make this program an effective tool for learning instead of an obstacle, as more complicated programs sometimes prove to be. The variety of minimal pair discrimination exercises for all 52 phonemes presented provides plenty of instruction, practice, and reinforcement for students looking to improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation.

John de Szendeffy
Multimedia Language Lab
Center for English Learning and Orientation Programs
Boston University

I would like to congratulate you and your design team; Pronunciation Power is an excellent teaching tool. It is also the program of choice by most of our students in our English Language Institute because of its ease of use, logical sequencing, variety and overall capacity of the program.

We look forward to receiving your future products and ongoing updates.

William B. Stewart
President and CEO
The YMCA of Greater Vancouver

Pronunciation Power is truly one of the best and most powerful pieces of software for students to improve their pronunciation of the English language. Compatible for both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems, students can spend hours improving their pronunciation as well as listening skills. And, most importantly, it’s very interactive and easy to use! I can highly recommend this excellent product.

Dave Sperling
California State University, Northridge
Dave’s ESL Cafe (

Pronunciation Power gives the user a wonderfully exciting experience to learn on one’s own.

Kathryn Chiu
Manager Language Training Section
Proctor and Gamble Corporate Training Group, China

Pronunciation Power has built in steps to developing fluency, beginning with listening exercises which concentrate on receptive skills and building up to recording pronunciation exercises. Students can hear the sound replayed as often as necessary, and record their voices for comparison. A visual representation of the sound aids pronunciation. A variety of activities reinforce the target sounds. Instructors can listen to the recordings and provide feedback. Higher level students can cope well with the written descriptions of sounds. The sound analysis feature is unique and could benefit students at all points on the CLB spectrum. Rating: Excellent.

National ESL Software Inventory
ESL/LINC Software Database Project
Ottawa Board of Education

Pronunciation Power is an excellent tool for students to learn the correct pronunciation of sounds as they are used in the English language. My students are extremely pleased with its easy to use and effective design. This software stands out as the best in its class and nothing compares in its price range. It is affordable, comprehensive and gives hours upon hours of solid practice. this products stands alone with its numerous lessons, exercises and visual feedback. the speech analysis lets learners see where they’re going wrong, even if they can’t hear it. Pronunciation Power is an outstanding piece of educational software, I’d recommend it for any second language learner.

Michael J. Galli
ESL Program Consultant & Instructor
Metropolitan Separate School Board
Toronto, Ontario

If ever a student asks me what to do independently to improve their skill: whether they need individual sound work, intonation, syllable or word stress, vocabulary, or listening, I direct them to Pronunciation Power. Even (I venture to say especially…) the higher level ESP students I have
taught can use this to their advantage. I just looove your stuff!

Melody Redford
Teacher – LSC Calgary

We have purchased online subscriptions for for clients and are getting really good feedback. I love this program, and as I said before, it really is an answer to many problems we had with course materials. It’s a great program, it’s affordable and easy to use. What’s not to like?

Sonia Lambajian, MS/CCC-SLP
Global Speech & Language Consultants