8 in 1 English Dictionary


The First Pronunciation Dictionary!

8 in 1 English Dictionary will teach you all the English words you will ever need.

This dictionary will help you improve your pronunciation, reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling abilities. It’s many features include:

  • Translations in 12 languages*
  • Over 2000 pictures and graphics to help you learn
  • Listening to and recording over 7000 words including plurals of the nouns and conjugations of the verbs
  • Unique to 8 in 1 English Dictionary – 10 different ways to search for words: Choose from 39 themes (animals, colors, clothing etc.); Practice a sound in the beginning, middle or end of words; Search by alphabet letter or letter combinations; Choose only verbs or nouns

ATTENTION: The “Speech Analysis” feature of Pronunciation Power 1 & 2 (CD and Download versions) will not work in 64bit versions of Windows 7 + or Windows Vista.

* Translations in Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese

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8 in 1 English Dictionary

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