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“We have purchased online subscriptions for for clients and are getting really good feedback. I love this program, and as I said before, it really is an answer to many problems we had with course materials. It’s a great program, it’s affordable and easy to use. What’s not to like?”


Sonia Lambajian, MS/CCC-SLP
Global Speech & Language Consultants

Our complete package, from beginner to advanced, gives you everything you need to learn to speak clear, understandable English. The NEW user management system incorporated into the online membership allows individuals and/or teachers to view product usage and history as well as test scores.

Become a member of eEnglish and receive access to all 5 of the Pronunciation Power line of products as well as the following new features:

  • Our NEW speech test and assessment uses voice recognition to assess the students’ recordings and to analyze which lessons they should study to improve their pronunciation. Once all the 52 test sentences have been recorded the program automatically analyzes the recordings and provides feedback on which sounds are spoken correctly, which need improvement, and greatly need improvement. The students are then directed to which lessons and exercises in the Pronunciation Power products they should focus on.

  • Students can click on the online Guide to help direct them to a series of accomplishments that will help focus their studies. After they have completed the Speech Test they will receive a printable Achievement Certificate in their personal Account area.

  • This new feature will test the students’ pronunciation while teaching them new vocabulary. A Suggested Sound Practice list shows the sounds they need to practice and provides them with an instant side view animation of the sound accompanied with several sample words using the sound. When the evaluation graph is 100% green they have mastered all 52 sounds! The vocabulary builder includes over 600 words, hundreds of images and vocabulary translation in 13 languages.”

  • The game is free to play and appeals to all ages. It’s simple to use like all of Pronunciation Power products. Phonics Game is very effective for practicing listening skills and is also great for learning vocabulary.

  • The user management system incorporated into the new online membership allows individuals and/or teachers to view product usage and history as well as test scores. Now you can easily track usage by exact Lessons, Exercises used, time spent on the programs and Test scores.

* eEnglish by Pronunciation Power includes all our products and can be purchased for as little as 0.25 cents a day!



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