Features and Benefits of Pronunciation Power

English pronunciation is recognized by ESL professionals and ESL learners world wide as the most difficult aspect of teaching or learning English as a Second Language. Poor communication due to poor speaking skills can adversely affect a speaker's employment, social standing and level of education.

Our programs identify the key elements that an individual needs to learn appropriate speech habits and then assists them in practicing these important patterns of sound and speech. It has been proven that our products teach people to speak clear, understandable English.

Graphic side view of the human mouth movement
  • Learners can see exactly how all of the 52 sounds are produced, both at normal speed and in slow motion
Affordable, low cost
  • A private tutor or a class could cost up to $30 per hour
  • Pronunciation Power delivers hundreds of hours of effective practice
Saves time
  • Learners don’t have to travel outside their home
  • They can practice and learn at their own pace and in their own time
Comfort, privacy and independence
  • Learners avoid the embarrassment and discomfort of practicing in front of others
Broad appeal
  • English as a second language or foreign language has individual, corporate, government and institutional appeal
  • All languages and age groups
Interactive (provides visual features and auditory feedback)
  • Learners proceed at their own pace. They are not tied into the learning speed of others
  • Learners can practice listening and speaking as often as desired
  • Recording capabilities enable learners to record and playback their own voice as often as they want
  • Learners can use our new wave form technology
  • Learners can learn while having fun with many interactive games
Improves communication skills
  • Business
  • Employment
  • University – helps learners to pass entrance exams and improve communication with professors and fellow students
  • Everyday life activities – learners can be understood in the grocery store, the car lot, the bank, social settings etc
User friendly
  • Basic computer skills are all that is needed to use Pronunciation Power
  • Some Pronunciation Power products also have instructions and vocabulary translated into 12 languages
High quality sound and video
  • Learners find it easy to see and hear all features of Pronunciation Power
  • If needed, Pronunciation Power’s built in help is only one click away
Infinite practice
  • There is no limit to how often or how long Pronunciation Power can be used for practice
Added Benefits
  • Learners get reading practice
  • Learners improve their spelling. Phonetic sounds are highlighted in words to show various spelling of sounds i.e. through, threw, too, blue, you (recognize the different spellings of each sound)
  • Learners improve their vocabulary