English Learning – Pronunciation App

Learning English is now in the palm of your hand with the Pronunciation Power App.

The Pronunciation Power App is an easy and effective way to learn the 52 sounds of the English Language.

Based on English Computerized Learning’s award winning software programs, Pronunciation Power will give you all the tools to be able to speak clear and understandable English.

Pronunciation Power App includes:

  • Side View Animations – See a detailed animation on how to move your mouth, jaw, and tongue to make a certain sound. (52 sounds and animations)
  • Front View Videos – See a front facing video of a real person saying a specific sound. (52 sounds and videos)
  • Sample Words – Listen and view 15 sample words for each sound. The sound is highlighted in the word. (780 words and recordings)
  • Comparative Words – Listen and view 10 word pairs for each sound. Comparative words are two words that sound similar but have slightly different pronunciation. (520 word pairs and recordings)

Number 1 Free Education App on iOS (7/25/2010)

  • Italy
  • Romania

Top 10 Free Education App on iOS (7/25/2010)

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  • Hong Kong
  • Spain
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  • China (2/27/2010)