Follow these steps to get your products installed on your server with the intent to serve them from there to your remote workstations (without having the products installed on each workstations):

  1. Download the installers for each product from these urls (it’s easier to use these installers instead of copying the contents of the CDs). Please contact ECLI Support for download locations.
  2. Run the downloaded installers on your server and follow the instructions.
  3. After installing a Pronunciation Power product on a server, all the files of the product needed to be “locked” (read only) in order for multiple users to run it simultaneously (if the files are not locked then “file in use” errors will result).

    Follow these steps to lock all the Pronunciation Power files on your server:

    1. Locate the folder on your server that contains the Pronunciation Power 1 program. (typically located at: “C:\Program Files\Pronunciation Power\”)
    2. Right-click the Pronunciation Power 1 folder and choose “Properties”
    3. In the Attributes at the bottom of the Properties dialog, check-on the “Read-only” checkbox
    4. A “Confirm Attribute Changes” message will appear. Ensure the “Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files” radio button is on, then click OK.
    5. Follow the same procedures for any other Pronunciation Power products you may have.
  4. Each remote computer will need a shortcut to the two products that exist only on the server. Typically the shortcut is created by going to the remote computer, mount the server volume that contains the program, locate the ProPow1.exe (and ProPow2.exe) files and make a shortcuts of them and place those shortcuts onto the desktop of the remote computer. You may have other ways of doing this but essentially the remote computers need a way to boot the program from the server’s hard drive through the network. Basically, the server is used like an external hard disk.
  5. The programs will need to be “Serialized” and “Activated” on each remote computer. For each product, boot (from the server) the two programs on each remote computer.
  6. When you are asked to enter the “Serial Number”, enter the number you received when you purchased the product. Be sure to enter the serial number EXACTLY as shown including the capital letters, numbers and dashes. You will then be asked if you want to “Activate Now”? Click “Yes”. You will then asked to choose an “Activation Method”. Click the “ONE-CLICK INTERNET ACTIVATION” button and activation will happen automatically through the internet.
  7. In the scenario above, the assumption is made that you want to run the products from the server to the remote workstations. If that is not your intent, you can run the installers on each work station (or on a master workstation you plan to clone). Either way, keep in mind that activation occurs on each workstation regardless. So even after cloning, you will still need to activate on each work station. We can make activation easy for you by adding activation counts on our side for each of your serial numbers. Keep in mind that you will have to supply proof of purchase before the activations can be added, then you can simply use the ONE-CLICK INTERNET ACTIVATION” button when it comes time to activate them.