If you have a site license for Pronunciation Power, you can copy it onto your LAN server and have your remote workstations run it from the server through the network. After installing Pronunciation Power on your server, all the files of the product needed to be “locked” (read only) in order for multiple users to run it simultaneously (if the files are not locked then “file in use” errors will result).

Follow these steps to lock all the Pronunciation Power files on your Windows-based server:

  1. Locate the folder on your server that contains the Pronunciation Power program. (typically located at: “C:\Program Files\Pronunciation Power\”)
  2. Right-click the Pronunciation Power folder and choose “Properties”
  3. In the Attributes at the bottom of the Properties dialog, check-on the “Read-only” checkbox
  4. A “Confirm Attribute Changes” message will appear. Ensure the “Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files” radio button is on, then click OK
  5. Do the same for any other PP product you have

Follow these steps to lock all the Pronunciation Power files on your Macintosh-based server:

  1. From the Utilities folder, launch the program called Terminal.
  2. In terminal type the following:

    chflags -R uchg
    (note: ensure there is a space following the unchg)
  3. Drag the icon of the Pronunciation Power application into the Terminal window and drop it immediately after the “unchg “. This will cause its path to show.

    Example of what you should see: chflags -R uchg /Applications/Pronunciation\ Power\ 1.app
  4. Hit the return/enter key.
  5. Quit the Terminal app. Now all the files within the application are locked and ready for sharing from your server. As part of your license agreement, you must insure this file does not go beyond the single install on your server.