Follow the directions below to activate a computer that has no Internet access.

  1. On your computer with no Internet access, launch the product and when prompted to enter your “Serial Number”, enter the “Serial Number” that came with your product EXACTLY as shown including the dashes and numbers.
  2. You will then be asked to “Activate now?”, click the “Yes” button.
  3. On the next screen, click the button called “email or Fax” (a form called “PronunciationPower_LIC.html” will be created on your desktop).
  4. You will then be asked “View file now?”, click the “Yes” button and the form will appear in your web browser.
  5. On a piece of paper, write down or print the “Serial Number” and the “Computer Number” that will appear on the top of the form.
  6. Take the “Serial Number” and “Computer Number” to a computer that has Internet access and send the two numbers to ECLI Support in an email at:
  7. After ECLI Support receives the two numbers, they will email you an “Activation Code”. Write or print this “Activation Code” down on a piece of paper (be sure to write it EXACTLY as shown including the capital letters, numbers and dashes).
  8. Take the “Activation Code” home, launch the product again on your home computer and when prompted to “Activate Now”, click “Yes” and then click the button that says “Enter Activation Code”. Enter the “Activation Code” that ECLI Support emailed you (be sure to enter it EXACTLY as shown including the capital letters, numbers and dashes) and activation will occur.
  9. NOTE: If you reformat your computer or purchase a new computer, you will need to do this process again.