This is the normal process to serialize and activate CD-ROM or download versions of the Pronunciation Power products.

  1. When Pronunciation Power is ran for the first time, it will ask you to enter your “Serial Number”. Enter the serial number that came with the product EXACTLY as shown including the dashes.
  2. You are then asked if you want to “Activate Now”? Click “Yes”.
  3. You are then asked to choose an “Activation Method”. Click the “ONE-CLICK (internet activation)” button. Activation will happen automatically through the internet.

NOTE: If you buy a new computer or “clean up” your old one by re-installing your operating system, you are removing the information stored on your computer that tells Pronunciation Power that it is already serialized and activated. Pronunciation Power then believes that you are running the product for the first time. This is normal behavior for copy protected software. You are permitted 2 Internet activations when you purchase the product. If you activate more than 2 times through the ONE-CLICK (internet activation) method or if you purchase a new computer or reformat your old one, then you must request an “Activation Code” and explain why you need to activate again, see instructions below.

How to request an “Activation Code” (after your 2 Internet activations have been used up).

  1. Launch your product and if you are prompted to enter your “Serial Number”, enter the serial number that came with the product EXACTLY as shown including the dashes.
  2. You will then be asked to “Activate now?”, click the “Yes” button.
  3. On the next screen, click the button called “e-mail or Fax” (a form called “PronunciationPower_LIC.html”. will be created on your desktop).
  4. You will then be asked “View file now?”, click the “Yes” button and the form will appear in your web browser.
  5. Enter your “Email Address” and the “Reason You Need to Re-Activate” into the form.
  6. Click the “Automatically e-mail My Information” button. The information in the form will be sent to ECLI Support.
  7. After ECLI Support receives the information, support will email your new “activation code” back to you.
  8. After you receive the “activation code” from ECLI Support, launch the product and when prompted to “Activate Now”, click “Yes” and then click the button that says “Enter Activation Code”. Enter the “activation code” EXACTLY as shown including the dashes, that ECLI Support emailed you and you are done.
  9. Activation codes are in place to protect our product from software piracy. Every major computer based product has some sort of security installed, this is not unusual. You will always receive an activation code when you require it, all that is required is to give a reason why it is needed.

    Your license agreement allows activation on two computers of your choice for your convenience.

    The 15 day countdown means you have 15 days to activate the product after you serialize. If you do not activate after 15 days, the product will run in “Demo” mode until you do activate. You will be able to use the product in full mode indefinitely (or at least until you buy a new computer or in some cases reformat your drive).